Jonah's Whale
Jonah’s Whale

Although we do consider it mildly ironic that videos have lately become such a powerful force in book promotion (videos and books just don’t seem like natural allies to us), we cannot deny that we love watching book trailers.

When Mary Newell DePalma sent us a link to the book trailer she had posted to YouTube for Uh-Oh!, we were immediately enchanted by the way it brought the art, story, and spirit of the book to life.

What’s more, after watching it a few (dozen) times and trolling YouTube for more representative samples of the genre, we began to think to ourselves: we can do that! Why not?

Inspired, we started poring over EBYR’s latest announcement catalog, looking for a picture book that stood out for its cinematic possibilities. We quickly agreed that, with Eileen Spinelli’s deft storytelling and Giuliano Ferri’s luminous artwork (not to mention a lovable main character in gentle Whale), Jonah’s Whale was the perfect choice for our first in-house book trailer.

With our subject chosen, we got right down to business, selecting artwork and sound clips, finding a willing narrator, and reworking portions of the text into a manageable script. Then our indefatigable Internet marketing assistant Becki Watson set about the serious work (or as she calls it, “fun”) of putting all the pieces together into a coherent whole.

The fruit of Becki’s labor (or as she calls it, “play”) you can see below. Enjoy!

Now that you’ve seen it, please let us know: what do you think of our first in-house book trailer? We’d love to hear your thoughts. We’d also love to know which other Eerdmans books (for adults or young readers) you think would translate well into book trailers.

Click here to order Jonah’s Whale, written by Eileen Spinelli and illustrated by Giuliano Ferri.