Heroes of the Year
Heroes of the Year

Ernie Eggers and his sheep sidekick Maud are back for a fourth hilarious and fast-paced book filled with more of the same delightful characters and wild adventures that entertained readers in Extraordinary Ernie and Marvelous MaudThe Middle Sheep, and The Greatest Sheep in History.

We hope you enjoy the following excerpt from their latest adventure.

* * *

As the town hall clock struck four, Ernie checked his reflection in the window of the laundromat, making sure that the legs of his green one-piece suit were tucked neatly into his boots and that the arms, with the gold lightning bolts on the sleeves, were straight. “Ready to get to work?”

Maud tugged at her pink cape with her teeth until it was arranged neatly across her back. “I sure am,” she said. It had been many months now since Ernie had won the competition to become a trainee superhero with the Superheroes Society (Baxter Branch) and met his sidekick, Maud. Since then, Extraordinary Ernie and Marvelous Maud had been patrolling Main Street on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons and all day Saturday, stamping out Mischief and Mayhem, and putting a halt to Havoc.

. . .

They were busy in the park for some time, picking up the trash some careless picnickers had left behind, and helping some lost ducklings find their mother. It was almost five o’clock by the time they walked back up Main Street toward the town hall.

Ernie and Maud on the run
“Quick, we’d better go tell the others!”

As they approached the end of the block, Ernie was reminded of his earlier feeling.

“Maud,” he said, “does the town hall look different to you?”

Maud tilted her head to one side and considered the white building. “It looks the same as it always does,” she said.

Ernie shook his head in frustration. “I can’t put my finger on it, but — Hang on . . .” He moved closer until he was standing at the foot of the double doors. “Look! The mayor has a mustache!”

Maud squinted at the portrait of the mayor. “Hasn’t she always had one?”

“No,” said Ernie definitely. “Some mischief-maker or wrongdoer has drawn that mustache on. Quick, we’d better go tell the others!” And he took off down Main Street at a run.

* * *

MustachesWill Extraordinary Ernie foil the dastardly schemes of mustachioed mischief-maker Pencil Pete?

Will Valiant Vera remain with the Baxter Branch of the Superheroes Society — or abandon it forever?

Will Marvelous Maud finally learn how to do the splits?

And who will win the Superheroes Society’s coveted Heroes of the Year award?

Find out when you read the latest in our series of adventures starring superlative superheroes-in-training Extraordinary Ernie and Marvelous Maud. 

Click here to order Heroes of the Year, written by Frances Watts and illustrated by Judy Watson.

Maud doing splits