Did you know that you can now find and follow Eerdmans Books for Young Readers on Pinterest?

You can, and if you happen to love children’s books as much as we do, you probably should.

Pinterest feels like such a natural online home-away-from-home for us. Not only is it fun (we love fun), but it’s also a great place to discover and share pretty pictures — and we love pretty pictures.

We especially love pretty, pinnable pictures like these:

From THE FANTASTIC JUNGLES OF HENRI ROUSSEAU - Michelle Markel, illus. Amanda Hall. From The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau, written by Michelle Markel, illustrated by Amanda Hall. Now available.
From Mary’s Song, written by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illustrated by Stephen Alcorn. Now available.  From MARY'S SONG - Lee Bennett Hopkins, illus. Stephen Alcorn.
 From THE HERD BOY - Niki Daly. Coming soon. From The Herd Boy, by Niki Daly. Coming soon.
From Christopher Sat Straight Up in Bed, written by Kathy Long, illustrated by Pat Cantor. Coming soon.  From CHRISTOPHER SAT STRAIGHT UP IN BED - Kathy Long, illlus. Pat Cantor. Coming soon.
 From I WISH I HAD - Giovanna Zoboli, illus. Simona Mulazzani. Coming soon. From I Wish I Had . . . , written by Giovanna Zoboli, illustrated by Simona Mulazzani. Coming soon.

At pinterest.com/EBYR, you will not only find imaginative cover and interior artwork from our New Releases and Old Favorites, but you can also explore:

As the good folks at Pinterest would say: happy pinning! We’ll see you there.

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Do any of you Pinterest veterans out there have any friendly tips or ideas for us as we get started on the site? Please share them in the comments.