Meet at the Ark at Eight

EBYR seems blessed by an abundance of penguins these days.

Earlier this summer, we met little Leon, whose adorable potty-training antics fill the pages of Émile Jadoul’s All by Myself!

Now, we encounter the three clever and theologically curious penguins who are the stars of Ulrich Hub and Jörg Mühle’s illustrated chapter book Meet at the Ark at Eight.

When news reaches two of these penguins that a great flood is coming to destroy the earth — and that they are the only two penguins receiving invitations to board Noah’s Ark — they decide to save their friend from the coming catastrophe by smuggling him aboard in a suitcase.

A dove summons two penguins to "meet at the ark at eight."
A grumpy and bureaucratic dove summons two (and only two) penguins to “meet at the ark at eight.”
But what about the third?
But what should they do about their friend?
They're going to need a bigger suitcase!
They’re going to need a bigger suitcase!
But will they get away with it?
Will they get away with it?!

A wild forty-day journey ensues.

This creative and thought-provoking twist on the classic biblical tale encourages readers to ask questions about God, though it never presumes that the answers will be quick and easy.

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