Is It Big or Is It Little?This week on EerdWord, we’re featuring our newest books for (very) young readers — three delightful stories written and illustrated especially for children under five.

Today’s featured picture book, Claudia Rueda’s Is It Big or Is It Little?, uses bold illustrations and simple text to introduce young children to the concepts of relativity, perspective, and opposites.

* * *

To a wide-eyed mouse on the run, many things look big.

is it big

To the cat that’s chasing him, however, many of those same things seem little.

is it little

Objects and obstacles in the mouse’s path appear deep or shallow, light or heavy, long or short . . .

long or short

. . . depending entirely on which of the book’s characters is perceiving them.

At last, in a slapstick, Tom and Jerry-esque ending, the cat runs up against an obstacle even bigger than it is — and the mouse finally gains the upper hand.

is it the end

“Beautifully designed, the book features simple, dramatic illustrations in black, grays, and burnt orange on white backgrounds. . . . A clever play on opposites and their relative meanings.”
— Booklist

“Fun and uncomplicated as a story and concept book but sophisticated in visual impact, this is agreeably stylish graphic design for the very young.”
— Kirkus Reviews

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