This week on EerdWord, we’re featuring our newest books for (very) young readers — three delightful stories written and illustrated especially for children under five.

The last book to be featured in this series, Avirama Golan and Raaya Karas’s Little Naomi, Little Chick, recounts one day in the separate but parallel lives of two busy, adorable little characters.

Little Naomi wakes up in the morning, eats her breakfast, brushes her teeth, kisses Mommy, and heads off to preschool with Daddy.

Naomi morning

(But not Little Chick.)

chick morning

Little Naomi enjoys playing, painting, hearing stories, napping, and other fun preschool activities.

Naomi paint

(But not Little Chick.)

Chick paint

Little Naomi goes to the store and to the playground with Mommy . . .

Naomi playground

(But not Little Chick.)

Chick playground

. . . before enjoying dinner, her bath, and a sweet-as-can-be bedtime.

Naomi bedtime

(And so does Little Chick.)

chick bedtime

“A delightful depiction of the parallel lives of a young girl and a tiny chick from dawn to dusk. . . . Pre-readers are sure to revel in the hilarious mischief Little Chick enjoys with barnyard friends, while those reading to them will be fascinated by the effective conveyance of this information through images alone. . . . The true essence of a picture book: a unique balance of visual and written narrative sure to enchant young and old alike.”
Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Click to order Little Naomi, Little Chick, written by Avirama Golan and illustrated by Raaya Karas.