Two Little Birds
Two Little Birds

For those of us living in the Midwest, this has been the coldest, snowiest, most brutal winter in a generation — and it just won’t quit. With days to go before the end of February, the only hopeful sign of spring we’ve seen so far is the birds, a few of whom have already bravely started on their seasonal treks north in spite of the awful weather.

They’re a welcome sight to winter-weary eyes, and, as children’s author and illustrator Mary Newell DePalma is quick to remind us, “migratory birds are amazing.” 

Inspired to create a book celebrating these audacious travelers, DePalma says she “wrote and illustrated a simple, joyful story about two little birds who follow their natural instincts — and their own sense of adventure — on an exciting voyage through storms, across plains and oceans, and back again.”

Watch the adorable trailer for DePalma’s new book below.

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