There is a legend that describes how, at midnight on Christmas Eve, all creatures are granted the power of speech for one hour. In Manger, Lee Bennett Hopkins and a dozen other poets imagine what responses they might offer. The poems represent a diverse group of animals, but are drawn together with one singular purpose: to celebrate the joy of the miraculous event.

This collection of graceful poems, richly illustrated by Helen Cann, provides readers with a Nativity story unlike any other — at times gently humorous, at times profound, but always inviting them to appreciate the wonder of Christmas.

Watch our newest book trailer — for this perfect holiday read-aloud — below.

Manger includes poems by . . . 

Lee Bennett Hopkins ♦ Joan Bransfield Graham ♦ Amy Ludwig VanDerwater ♦ X. J. Kennedy ♦ Jude Mandell ♦ Marilyn Nelson ♦ Jane Yolen ♦ Ann Whitford Paul ♦ Prince Redcloud ♦ Rebecca Kai Dotlich ♦ Michele Krueger ♦ Alma Flor Ada ♦ Alicia Schertle

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