Eerdmans Books for Young Readers has a new blog! Hooray!

But with so many other fantastic kid lit blogs out there, why should you care about Eerdlings? Why read? Why subscribe? Why share?

Here are ten good reasons to do all of the above . . .

10. Sneak peeks at exciting new releases. Like this one.

9. Discussion guides, links to AR quizzes, and other great resources for educators.

8. Adorable printable coloring pages and other nifty craft ideas (coming soon) perfect for your classroom or story hour.

7. Your portal to a world of great swag — gorgeous posters, postcards, and bookmarks.

The Right Word postcard
Postcard for The Right Word

6. Monthly insider columns by managing editor Kathleen Merz, editorial assistant Katherine Gibson, and director of marketing Rachel Bomberger.

5. The Coffee Break vlog.

4. Book trailers. Book trailers. Book trailers.

3. Exclusive giveaways — always free and easy to enter, always awesome to win.

2. Interviews and guest posts featuring some of the most talented, brilliant, well-loved authors and illustrators in the business. (Seriously: Chris Barton will be here on Monday (!), and Melissa Sweet is cooking up something extra special for us the week following.)

1. It’s easy. To guarantee yourself a regular dose of all things Eerdlings, simply choose your favorite of the following options . . .

Look for more great content coming soon — and trust us, you won’t want to miss a word!