Did you know that you can order free promotional materials for your classroom, home, or library directly through Eerdlings?

It’s true: we offer complimentary bookmarks, postcards, and full-size posters featuring art from dozens of Eerdmans titles.

You could decorate for Black History Month with a poster featuring Cynthia Grady and Michele Wood’s I Lay My Stitches Down: Poems of American Slavery . . .

. . . pass out bookmarks featuring Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet’s The Right Word as motivational prizes during National Reading Month in March . . .


 . . . or send postcards featuring Judi Moreillon and Catherine Stock’s Ready and Waiting for You to students preparing for a new school year.Ready-Postcards

And while our promotional materials have always been free (you pay the postage), we’ve now made them extra free (we pay the postage) — and easier to order than ever.

Visit the promotional materials page here on Eerdlings to submit your request* today, and don’t miss tomorrow’s episode of Coffee Break with EBYR, when Ahna and Katherine will explore a number of other ways you can put our free posters, postcards, and bookmarks to good use.

*Please note that quantities are limited, and we may not be able to honor all requests. Contact us for details.