Brother Hugo and the Bear
Brother Hugo and the Bear

Have you ever wondered how an illustrator takes a picture book from a manuscript to a visual concept to finished page spreads? Katherine and Ahna have talked a little about the process — on film and in print — but still . . . wouldn’t it be great if a real, live illustrator could also share some personal insight into this enigma?

It would be great. And it is great — because, last summer, before we even had an Eerdlings blog to share it on, S. D. Schindler published an entire series of posts detailing how he created the gorgeous illustrations for Katy Beebe’s Brother Hugo and the Bear (one of our featured Five Great Books for National Reading Month).

You can watch a nifty video showing before and after shots of illustrations throughout the book . . .

. . . or check out the individual posts in Schindler’s blog series:

 To learn more about Katy Beebe and S. D. Schindler’s Brother Hugo and the Bear, you can read a guest post by Katy Beebe, watch the book trailer, or visit our website