By day, Jessica VanBuren is a mild-mannered sales rep for Eerdmans.

By night (and sometimes also by day), she’s a crafting maven.

Jessica’s also not a person to do anything halfway. Launching her brand-new crafting column here on Eerdlings off with a BOOM, she’s put together a series of forty inspiring crafts — one for each of the forty days in Lent.

We posted links to the first twenty crafts last month. You’ll find the second set of twenty crafts here today, along with step-by-step instructions and detailed photos.

21. Water-to-Wine Spinner

22. Zacchaeus Tree

23. Jesus’ Little (Pom-Pom) Lamb

24. Ichthus Fish Mobile

25. Peace Dove

26. Unleavened Bread

27. Thirty Pieces of Silver

28. Crown of Thorns Wreath

29. Fan-Fold Changing Picture

30. Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Cross

31. Cold Porcelain Cross

32. Origami Lily of the Valley

33. Cross Cookies

34. Crosses of Calvary/Garden Tomb

35. Shadow Box Garden Tomb

36. Classic Vinegar-dyed Easter Eggs

37. Resurrection Life Egg

38. Easter Morning Sweet Rolls

39. Jesus’ Tomb Terrarium

40. Ascension Cup