My name is Parker I am 8 years old and in the second grade. I love to read and I love all the subjects in school!

Happy National Reading Month! This March, we’re celebrating young readers and welcoming their voices to our blog.

Earlier in the month, Ahna and Katherine hosted ten-year-old Noelle on Coffee Break, and today, we have a special guest post from eight-year-old Parker, who kindly sent us his review of Daniel Nesquens and Luciano Lozano’s illustrated middle grade novel Mister H.

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Mr. H
Mister H

This book is about a talking Hippopotamus named Mister H who wants to find his home. Mister H asks a young girl named Rosanna to let him out of his cage so that he can go and find his true home. He wants to go there and eat coconuts. After he is freed Mister H walks around the Zoo and the town. He keeps asking people how to get to his home in Africa, but no one knows the way. The children notice that a talking Hippopotamus is walking around town. They play and talk with him. They do think it is strange but don’t care if he is different. The adults don’t even notice that he is a talking Hippopotamus. They answer his questions and don’t even notice that he is not another person but an animal. At the end of the book he talks to the watchman at the Zoo, who tells him that the Zoo is his home.

I liked how the Hippopotamus was able to talk and how he dressed up. Another thing I liked was how he could act like a person. I liked how the Hippopotamus learned how to talk and then how he kept talking.

I didn’t like how the book ended with the author not saying if Mister H found his home or not.

I would recommend this book to other kids because it is funny and I like the pictures that are in it.