It’s important to pack wisely when preparing for an international trip — but when EBYR travels to Bologna, what we bring home is even more important than what we take with us. The Bologna Children’s Book Fair, as EBYR Associate Publisher and Art Director Gayle Brown explained in her post yesterday, is the place to find the best in international children’s literature.

Every year our EBYR contingent at Bologna looks for great books to bring home to North American audiences. Here are five of those great books, born out of relationships forged in Bologna and published by EBYR in the U.S. in 2015 and in years past.



Written and illustrated by Jan De Kinder

In this poignant story, a girl finds it funny when her classmate starts blushing on the school playground. Her friends laugh along with her, but one student takes the teasing too far. Torn between her sympathy for her classmate and her fear of the bully, the girl must make a difficult choice.

This heartfelt book will inspire readers to find the courage to take a stance against bullying and show compassion towards others.

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Roger is Reading a Book

Roger is Reading a Book

Written and illustrated by Koen Van Biesen

All Roger wants is some peace and quiet so he can read his book. Unfortunately, the girl in the apartment next door has hobbies of her own — very loud hobbies! But when Roger gives the girl a book of her own, she discovers that reading can be just as much fun as playing basketball or banging a drum.

This playful and engaging read-aloud from an award-winning Belgian author shows readers that shared activities can lead to rewarding friendships.

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The Yes

The Yes

Written by Sarah Bee
Illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura

The Yes is a cheerful orange creature who sets off to explore the big wide Where. But the Where is home to the Nos, who travel in packs and discourage the Yes at every turn. They tell the Yes that the tree is too big to climb, the bridge is too rickety to cross, the woods are too scary to explore. But even just one Yes is stronger than countless Nos.

Fans of Dr. Seuss will fall in love with the bright illustrations and clever wordplay, and the heartwarming message about overcoming obstacles makes this book the perfect graduation gift.

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In Search of the Little Prince

In Search of the Little Prince

Written and illustrated by Bimba Landmann

For the last seventy years, The Little Prince has captured the imaginations of readers around the world. This lyrical picture book biography tells the story of its author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

As a child, Antoine dreamed of flying. His dream was realized when he became a pilot, first serving France during World War I, then working as an international mail courier. As he wrote letters to his family describing the foreign countries he visited, he soon discovered that writing contained its own sense of adventure. His stories showed a childlike fascination with the world, culminating with The Little Prince, one of the best-selling books ever published.

Bimba Landmann’s biography is paired with whimsical yet profound illustrations, wonderfully capturing Saint-Exupéry’s personality. This book will give fresh insight into the life of a cherished author.

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Anna’s Heaven

Anna’s Heaven

Written and illustrated by Stian Hole

It is a day when everything aches and nails are raining from the sky. Anna’s mother has died. Anna and her father are making their way to the funeral. But along the way they talk — capturing memories, asking hard questions, picturing what heaven might be like. Anna’s imagination leads both of them on a journey that, by the end, might just offer a certain sort of peace.

With captivating artwork and text that is at times whimsical, at times haunting, this profound book will make a perfect companion for readers who are wrestling with their own questions about life’s mysteries.

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