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New Releases

The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch
Written by Chris Barton
Illustrated by Don Tate

News from Eerdmans & Elsewhere

  • As noted above, The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch celebrated its “book birthday” on April 1. Illustrator Don Tate made this fun cartoon to celebrate:
  • As part of the celebration, we released this book trailer, too (with celebrity narrator Chris Barton!):
  • Travis Jonker reviewed Roger Is Reading a Book on the 100 Scope Notes blog, calling it “unique yet exceedingly inclusive” and “a delightful addition to your picture book collection.”
  • Edgar Wants to Be Alone was featured by Booklist Reader in an article on “Off-the-Wall Humor Books for Preschoolers.” The book’s funny resolution, say the authors, “is one that will have young readers flipping back to the start to see what Edgar couldn’t all along. They’ll laugh even more the second time, and third time . . . Be ready for more giggles once everyone is in on the joke.”
  • The Librarian’s Quest published a comprehensive review of The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch, outlining the story and praising the book’s presentation of it. “There is a reason the word amazing appears in the title,” says the reviewer.
  • The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch was also featured as a “Hot Off the Press” book by the Children’s Book Council.
  • Melissa Sweet, illustrator of The Right Word, thanked the Sibert Committee in the way only she can:

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