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Fall 2015 Books: Sneak Peek Part 2

We’re sure that yesterday’s sneak peek at Fall 2015 books left you hungry for more — and we’re happy to oblige! Here are three more great books coming this fall from EBYR:

Little Big
Little Big

Little Big
By Jonathan Bentley

This playful book captures just how tough life can be when you’re little.

With little legs, it’s hard to win races. With little hands, you can’t open the cookie jar. And when you have a little mouth, nobody listens to you. Sometimes it seems like all your problems would be solved if you were just a little bigger. . . . But sometimes, little is exactly the right size.

Featuring delightful artwork and a relatable and timeless message, Little Big will resonate with readers both big and little.

Just Like I Wanted
Just Like I Wanted

Just Like I Wanted
By Elinoar Keller and Naama Peleg Segal
Illustrated by Aya Gordon-Noy

In this cheerful story, a young girl is determined to draw the perfect picture. But staying in the lines is hard to do! When she makes a mistake, she considers crumpling up the drawing and starting over — but instead she decides to use the scribble to create something new. Soon her imagination takes her on a wild adventure as she fills her picture with wild horses, daring pilots, delicious candy, and flying pirate ships.

With energetic mixed-media collages that perfectly suit the story, this book will inspire readers to embrace their mistakes and unleash their creativity.

I'm Right Here
I’m Right Here

I’m Right Here
By Constance Ørbeck-Nilssen
Illustrated by Akin Duzakin

“Are you ever afraid?” William asks his grandmother. But her answer isn’t what he expects. His grandma isn’t afraid of big dogs or thunder and lightning like William is. Instead, she’s afraid that she won’t see the flowers bloom next spring. She’s afraid that she’ll miss the magpie building its nest. Most of all, she’s afraid of losing the things she loves — especially William. But then it’s William’s turn to surprise her with his response.

With soft, inviting artwork, this reassuring story contains a stirring message about the power and constancy of love.

2 comments on “Fall 2015 Books: Sneak Peek Part 2

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  2. Thank you for these books! They are wonderful!

    All the best

    Lily Erlic
    Children’s Author
    SCBWI member


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