Well, folks, here it is: your final sneak peek at our Fall 2015 titles. In addition to all the titles previewed in Part 1 and Part 2, here are two great books rounding out our fall list:

The Dog That Nino Didn't Have
The Dog That Nino Didn’t Have

The Dog That Nino Didn’t Have
By Edward van de Vendel
Illustrated by Anton Van Hertbruggen

Nino doesn’t have a dog, but he likes to imagine that he does. His imaginary dog chases squirrels and plays in the lake with him. His imaginary dog licks the tears off Nino’s face and helps Nino feel less lonely while his dad is traveling.

But when Nino gets a real dog, it’s not quite what he expected. As he spends more time with his dog, though, Nino learns how to be content with what he has, but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to dream.

This award-winning book beautifully depicts the art of finding a balance between imagination and reality.

Take a look inside the book with Ahna and Katherine on this week’s Coffee Break episode!

I Am a Bear
I Am a Bear

I Am a Bear
By Jean-François Dumont

Life isn’t easy for a bear. Not when he has to sleep on the sidewalk among cardboard boxes and old clothes. Not when he lives in a city full of people who are repulsed by him. Not when he’s hungry and homeless. But one day a young girl smiles at the bear, and he realizes that maybe there is something that could make life a bit easier — a friend.

This poignant, heartwarming tale will move readers of all ages and inspire them to be more compassionate and empathetic towards others.

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We can’t wait for these books to hit the shelves. Only a few more months!