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  • May is #GetCaughtReading Month — and if you get caught you could win all 8 of our spring 2015 books! Learn more about our May giveaway, and enter today!
EBYR President/Publisher Anita Eerdmans gets caught reading!


  • Little Big

    Kirkus published an advance review of Little Big, one of our upcoming Fall 2015 books. The review briefly outlines the story of “a little one [who] tries to imagine himself big” and praises the illustrations in this “sweet book.”

  • Jen Robinson reviewed three EBYR spring titles on her blog at GrowingBookworms.com: Roger Is Reading a Book is “an enjoyable romp,” says Robinson, and one especially delightful for early readers; Red is a valuable book for young readers and a perfect fit for classroom reads, and “De Kinder’s illustrations are simply gorgeous,” she says; and The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch “belongs on library shelves everywhere,” according to Robinson. “It is beautifully executed, interesting, and not to be missed.”
  • The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch was also featured in Alcalde (“The Official Publication of the Texas Exes” — i.e. UT alumni).

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