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Just Like I Wanted
Just Like I Wanted

Just Like I Wanted
By Elinoar Keller & Naama Peleg Segal
Illustrated by Aya Gordon-Noy

In this cheerful story, a young girl is determined to draw the perfect picture. But staying in the lines is hard to do! When she makes a mistake, she considers crumpling up the drawing and starting over — but instead she decides to use the scribble to create something new. Soon her imagination takes her on a wild adventure as she fills her picture with wild horses, daring pilots, delicious candy, and flying pirate ships.

News from Eerdmans & Elsewhere

  • The Dog That Nino Didn’t Have was featured by another high-profile blogger this week. Minh Le included it in his article “When It Rains It Pours: 50 More Picture Books from a Stellar 2015.” Nino is a “refreshing change of pace in the expansive imaginary friend genre,” he writes, and it “might be the most visually jaw-dropping book of the year”!


  • The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch was featured in the diverse books summer reading series list compiled by Smithsonian Book Dragon and #WeNeedDiverseBooks. The book was recommended as a good companion text to Heart and Soul by Kadir Nelson: “both feature heroes who recognized unjust laws and took a stand in spite of grave dangers.”

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