In Just Like I Wanted, a young artist sets out to draw “a picture that’s perfect in every way.”

Before long, she faces what seems at first like a serious problem: “Oh no!” she says. “I drew outside the lines! I really made a mess.”


Instead of crumpling up the picture and throwing it in the trash, however, she decides to use her wayward scribbles as the inspiration for entirely new artistic possibilities — until, in the end, she has a work of a art that’s “just exactly like I wanted it to be.”

This month, we invited members of the EBYR team to follow her lead and use a scribbled-upon illustration from the book as the starting point for their own creative masterpieces.


FixthePicture_06 FixthePicture_07

FixthePicture_08 FixthePicture_13

FixthePicture_14 FixthePicture_10


Want to try it, too? Download our printable PDF and make your own “just like I wanted” artwork.