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  • The Dog That Nino Didn't Have
    The Dog That Nino Didn’t Have

    The Dog That Nino Didn’t Have was featured by Julie Danielson in a Kirkus post on “The Dog Days of . . . Autumn!” The book is “less about dogs than it is about the robust inner lives of children and their bustling imaginations” — but it still has “not one, but two, dogs for canine-loving readers.” And it has some excellent art, she says: “Illustrator Anton Van Hertbruggen’s stark artwork is beguiling. His line is delicate, and the emotion is strong.”

  • Danielson featured some of that “beguiling” art from Nino later in the week on her Seven Impossible Things before Breakfast blog.
  • Speaking of Nino, illustrator Anton Van Hertbruggen was honored by the Society Of Illustrators with a silver medal during the Society’s Original Art awards ceremony yesterday.
  • Just Like I Wanted was reviewed on The Hiding Spot. The books is “a celebration of imagination and perspective,” writes Sara Grochowski.
  • Little Big was reviewed by Retailing Insight. The reviewer describes the book as a “lively drama made more captivating by the highly emotive illustrations. It will be a great way to start age-appropriate discussions about issues such as self-esteem, conflict, and frustration.”
  • The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch was reviewed on the Reading While White blog by K. T. Horning. “The man [John Roy Lynch] and his story are amazing, and it’s a story all children should know,” she writes. “But what is equally amazing is the telling. Chris Barton pulls no punches when writing about the White resistance to change. . . . I can’t recall when I’ve seen a book for children that is so deliberate about calling out racism for what it is.”


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