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Coffee Break: Why We’re Thankful for Picture Books

November is National Picture Book Month AND, of course, Thanksgiving — which is a perfect pairing in our minds! Here are just a few of the many reasons Ahna and Katherine are thankful for picture books.

If you are also feeling grateful for picture books, let us know why here or on Twitter! Looking for a way to celebrate Picture Book Month? Enter our giveaway and you could win a copy of Thank You, God! And don’t forget: you can catch up on previous episodes of Coffee Break with EBYR on YouTube.

2 comments on “Coffee Break: Why We’re Thankful for Picture Books

  1. Cathy Smith

    Hello, Ahna and Katherine,
    Enjoying your blogs in general, but this particular one got me thinking: I loved them as a child when they were my best friends,
    and I love reading them to my grandson (age 2 1/2) now. PICTURE BOOKS ROCK–sometimes literally, when we plop down in the rocking chair and open a book.
    My standards for children’s lit are very high (once an English major, always an English major!), and over the years I have written
    several stories that would have pleased my child-self and that I long to share now with children and their parents.

    My ms, “My Mom, My Dream-Eyes, and Me,” is ready to submit, and Eerdmans is my choice. I know to mail it to the Acquisitions Editor, but shall I include a name as an “Attention” line?

    Thanks for your guidance,
    Cathy Smith


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