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Coffee Break: Refugees in Picture Books

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today, affecting more than 12 million people — half of whom are children. Three of our backlist picture books help us understand what refugees go through and provide a starting point for discussing this issue with children.

What books or resources do you turn to in order to understand complex world issues like the Syrian Refugee Crisis? How do you plan to discuss this issue with your children? Let us know here or on Twitter.

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2 comments on “Coffee Break: Refugees in Picture Books

  1. My last post for Perfect Picture Book Friday was a refugee story. How Many Days to America? by Eve Bunting.
    Also, there is a book for the older PB crowd called Who Belongs Here? by Margy Burns Knight. I think this came out of the refugee crisis after the Vietnam War. It tells the story of a Cambodian boy who comes to the US as a refugee and has additional text on each page with information on various other issues related to immigration.


  2. Great show. I’ll get these books to help both the kids I tutor and myself.


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