Back in August, author Marc Harshman took some time out of his Midwest vacation to visit Coffee Break. During that trip, he also sat down with Rachel Bomberger for an interview about his new book One Big Family, illustrated by Sara Palacios.

We’re so excited to share that interview with you today. Enjoy!

About the book:

9780802853882When you have a big family, reunions can be loud and chaotic. But as this cheerful book demonstrates, they can also be tons of fun! From canoeing down the river to getting chased by bees to telling ghost stories around the campfire, the reunion is filled with adventures for the whole family, even the pets! But when the vacation comes to an end, will everyone be able to keep the memories they’ve shared?

With sunny illustrations by Sara Palacios, Marc Harshman’s winsome story evokes all the joys of summer vacation and family togetherness.

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