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News from EBYR & Elsewhere

  • Samira and the Skeletons
    Samira and the Skeletons

    Samira and the Skeletons by Camilla Kuhn earned a starred review from Booklist! The review calls the book “a guffaw-­inducing exploration of the human body” — but it isn’t only laughs: “[b]eyond the guaranteed giggles, Kuhn adds a subtle teaching moment: by presenting Samira with dark skin and her best friend with lighter skin, and then showing both of their skeletons . . . Kuhn highlights how much we are the same underneath.”

  • If you’re interested in the icky inspiration (spoiler: it’s fish poop) behind Samira and the Skeletons, read Camilla Kuhn’s “From Brain to Book” post — the very first in a new series on
  • Another EBYR book received a starred review this week: Mom, There’s a Bear at the Door earned a star from Shelf Awareness! The review calls the book an “ingeniously crafted German import” built around “a funny conversation between mother and son.”
  • One Big Family was reviewed by BookPage: “Children will say READ again and again to this loving, intergenerational story, and the adults in their lives will say SHARE to include all family members in their reading.”
  • Six — that’s right, six — EBYR titles were included in the Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People list compiled by the Children’s Book Council and the National Council for the Social Studies:
  • Three of the same books — I Am a Bear, Just for Today, and The Yes — were also included on the Spirituality & Practice Best Spiritual Books of 2015 list.
  • Chris Barton and Don Tate, the Texan author-illustrator team behind The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch, were interviewed by the Texas Book Festival about their research and writing process.

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