In The Very Big Carrot, six rabbits find a giant carrot — and must think long and hard about what they should do with it. Maybe they could make it into a boat and visit all the fishes! Or they could make a carrot airplane to fly to far-off lands! Or they could turn it into the largest house ever!

This fun paper craft will encourage children to imagine their own creative possibilities. Pair it with Easter egg painting for a fun morning of spring crafts — and as an added bonus, they could end up with a cute Easter card to send to Grandma!


Step 1: Print out all three templates.

Step 2: Color and cut out each piece of the Rabbit Template and Carrot Top Template.


Step 3: Attach the feet by adding glue to the back side of the feet and pressing the glued side to the bottom colored side of the body.


Step 4: Attach the ears of the Rabbit template to the body by putting glue on the very bottom of the front side of the ears and pressing the glued side of the ear to the back of the body, as shown.



Step 5: Finish the rabbit by drawing its face. You can either draw eyes onto your rabbit or attach googly eyes.


Step 6: Cut out the Carrot Bottom Template. You can either color the carrot bottom orange or cut it out of orange paper. (I chose to color the outside and use orange paper on the inside.) Gently fold the Carrot Bottom Template in half, pressing in on the top and bottom of the folded edge. (You just want this line for a reference. Unfold the carrot bottom.


Step 7: Fold one half of the Carrot Bottom Template so that the edge of the paper matches up with the guide line you just created. Now press the folded paper to create a crease. Repeat this process on the other side. Once you have finished this, it should look like the bottom part of a carrot with two flaps that cover the inside of the carrot. (The two flaps should fold slightly over one another.)


Step 8: (This step will not be necessary if you used orange paper in Step 6.) Carefully trace the outline of the folded Carrot Bottom Template onto a piece of orange paper and cut it out. This will create a triangle to fit on the inside of your carrot. Glue the orange triangle onto the inside of the carrot, leaving the top inch or so unglued.

Step 9: Add glue to the front and back sides of the Carrot Top Template you colored and cut out earlier. Then place the stem of the carrot top at the top of the carrot — in between the orange paper and the template beneath to make a carrot top sandwich. (If you created the carrot on orange paper to begin with, simply place glue on the colored side of the Carrot Top Template’s stem and press it onto the back side of the Carrot Bottom Template.)

Step 10: Open the flaps of the “peek-a-boo” carrot and press them flat to give you easy access to the inside of the carrot. On the inside of the carrot you can draw a picture of what you think the rabbits should do with the carrot. (I drew a picture of the carrot being turned into a very big slide.) Alternatively you write a special Easter message to a family member or friend and use the carrot as a greeting card.

Step 11: Tuck the rabbit into the carrot and close the flaps.