Friendship, fear, loneliness — things that are universally experienced but still somehow difficult to describe. In Night Guard, Synne Lea explores these concepts from the inside through poetry. Accompanied by breathtaking artwork by Stian Hole, these enchanting poems will stay with readers long after they have turned the final page.

Here are some excerpts:


Art by Stian Hole

One day when you come for a climb,
the trees also feel that it’s fine

to be friends
who just stand there, stretched out
and without feet.

Days will always come when best friends are
those who don’t go away.

* * *

No one ever catches
hold of a mom, says Dad. Moms
move quickly — it’s
impossible to grab them.
Only if you

sit perfectly still
for a long time,
Dad says, then

Art by Stian Hole

perhaps the mom will come
and eat out of your hand. You can try
with an eagle too. Or
a bear.

* * *

The moon doesn’t hold anything,
only lifts off some

of the weight
so you can fly in peace through the night.
But it’s not the moon’s fault
if you fall

in front of everyone — and not
your fault either.

* * *

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