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News from EBYR & Elsewhere

  • A Well-Mannered Young Wolf

    A Well-Mannered Young Wolf earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly! The review calls the book a “wicked gem of a story” that proves that “manners matter, even when one isn’t doing something terribly polite.”

  • Our Father received a glowing review in the Printer’s Row Journal (the literary supplement of the Chicago Tribune). Reviewer Barbara Mahany says the book offers “a breathtaking peeling back of a foundational prayer of so many Christian religions, [and] shimmers with a simplicity that can’t help but catapult our sacred questions to the highest heights.”
  • Crazy by Linda Vigen Phillips was included in a Guardian list for young readers of the top 10 books that explore mental health issues. Madeleine Kuderick calls the book “an eloquent and compelling novel-in-verse that tackles complex themes and emphasizes the importance of an open, honest dialogue about mental health.”
  • Parachute was reviewed on the Kids’ Home Library blog (part of Creators Syndicate). Lee Littlewood says the book is a “beautifully crafted artwork [that] is magical and flowy and paints a surreal picture of a sensitive boy with a vivid imagination learning about his limits. Parachute is a lovely tale for any young child learning to grow up.”
  • Mom, There’s a Bear at the Door

    Mom, There’s a Bear at the Door was reviewed on the Kid Lit Reviews blog. Sue Morris says the book is a “fun and funny experience” perfect for enticing young (or reluctant) readers to read along.

  • The Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch was named a finalist in the Writers’ League of Texas Book Awards.


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