At Night

At Night

Written and Illustrated by Helga Bansch

With its sweet, winsome illustrations, this book is perfect for sharing with children as they drift off into their own imaginative dreams.

Read the starred review from Kirkus, which says the book “makes night newly beguiling.”

* * *

At night, all the animals return to their homes to sleep.

Birds dream in their nests . . .


. . . polar bears snore inside their ice caves . . .


. . . and children snuggle under the covers of their beds.


Everything is in order.

Unless, of course, it isn’t. Sometimes the world — or the book — gets turned upside down. And then things aren’t quite as simple.

Sometimes the elephant dreams in the bird’s nest . . .


. . . and the polar bear snores in the doghouse . . .


. . . and children sleep on clouds and dream of ice cream.


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