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News from EBYR & Elsewhere

  • The Golden Key
    The Golden Key

    School Library Journal reviewed the new edition of The Golden Key, George MacDonald’s classic fairy tale illustrated in stunning detail by Ruth Sanderson. The review describes the new art as “deeply textured and dramatic, enhancing the vivid imagery of the narrative with many full pages and spreads,” and recommends it as a “lovely addition for fairy-tale collections.”

  • The Golden Key also earned some praise from The Works of George MacDonald, where a reviewer says that “[b]reathtakingly beautiful hardly begins to describe this book; Sanderson’s black-and-white scratchboard illustrations have the haunting quality of one’s profoundest dreams.”
  • Night Guard was reviewed on Omnilibros, where the reviewer writes that readers “will ponder, be soothed, and smile, when they peruse this book. “
  • Amy Schimler-Safford posted about her illustrations for the forthcoming book Hidden City on her blog. Here’s a taste:
  • After two years and 100 episodes, Coffee Break said goodbye (for now) earlier this week:

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