November is Picture Book Month, and we hope you’re having fun celebrating with Picture Book Bingo!

For more ways to celebrate, how about a little creative writing or illustrating?

1. Grab a book from your shelf. Take a look at the illustrations and imagine how you might tell the story if you didn’t have the text. Would the plot change? Have fun making up your own story, even rearranging the illustrations if you wish. Then read your story to a friend or family member!

2. Choose another book, and this time, look just at the text. How would you illustrate this story if you hadn’t seen the pictures? Create your own art for the story using any medium you like—pencil, crayon, collage, paint . . .

3. Follow along with one of Jessica’s crafts—she has created instructions for over 50 picture-book-related projects!

How are you celebrating Picture Book Month?