You may have noticed that our Spring 2017 releases include four titles in the new Trade Winds series. Discover more about these picture books in a new trailer:

Educators will be pleased to know these books include extensive back matter for classroom use.

9780802854728Father’s Road
Written by Ji-Yun Jang
Illustrated by Tan Jun
Edited by Joy Cowley

Wong Chung is thrilled when he has the chance to join his father’s caravan and embark on a journey along the Silk Road. But with the harsh terrain, brutal sandstorms, and marauding bandits, the journey is not an easy one. With so many obstacles will they ever be able to reach the magnificent markets in Constantinople?

9780802854735Leather Shoe Charlie
Written by Gyeong-Hwa Kim
Illustrated by Anna & Elena Balbusso
Edited by Joy Cowley

Charlie’s most prized possession is the pair of shoes his grandfather made for him. The shoes bring him comfort as he and his family leave their small village and move to Manchester. But the pollution from the city’s many factories soon takes its toll on Charlie’s mother. Unfortunately, the medicine she needs is too expensive, unless Charlie can make an exceptional sacrifice.

9780802854742Grandfather Whisker’s Table
Written by Eun-Jeong Jo
Illustrated by Bimba Landmann
Edited by Joy Cowley

Enzo and his father are excited to be in Italy for the Palio di Siena festival. Enzo buys a toy woodpecker for his little brother, but the piazza is so crowded that Enzo worries he will lose it. Luckily, an old man named Grandfather Whisker is loaning and exchanging money at the festival. He agrees to keep the toy safe and gives Enzo a receipt so he can collect it later. But now Enzo must be careful not to lose his receipt amidst all the festivities.

9780802854759Lion, King, and Coin
Written by Jeong-Hee Nam
Illustrated by Lucia Sforza
Edited by Joy Cowley

Laos enjoys his life in ancient Turkey. His father and grandfather are blacksmiths, famous for melting gold into beautiful objects. Laos helps by working in his grandfather’s market stall, bartering their gold for food and livestock.

But exchanging such different goods and quantities is complicated. What they need is something to represent the value of their goods, something durable and lightweight. And so the king comes to Laos’s family with a very important task: to create something that will make the market accessible to everyone.