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  • The Golden Key
    The Golden Key

    Greg Wolfe, editor of Image, published a review of The Golden Key in the Image Update newsletter: “When you are immersed in this story you’ll feel the intense longing/joy/pain that Lewis could only describe by using the German word Sehnsucht. Read The Golden Key to a child and then let it continue to speak to the child in you.”

  • Father’s Road, the first book in the new Trade Winds series, was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal: “Tan Jun’s delicate ink drawings on rough, fibrous paper give each scene a feeling of antiquity, as if the pages themselves were artifacts.”
  • Speaking of Trade Winds, the series trailer was shared in today’s Shelf Awareness.
  • A Well-Mannered Young Wolf was included in a ReaderBuzz collection of “Fiction Picture Books that Knocked My Socks Off.”