News from EBYR & Elsewhere

  • Four Feet, Two Sandals was featured in a Barnes & Noble collection titled “Far from Home: Refugee Stories for All Ages.” Maria Burel writes that the book “details the day-to-day life in a refugee camp, as well as the bonds formed between those with similar hopes and fears.”
  • Nikki Grimes
    Nikki Grimes

    Four Feet, Two Sandals was also featured in a MomsLA post titled “20 Social Justice books for Kids.” Wendy Kennar writes that “the book allows readers to learn about sacrifice, uncertainty, and life in a refugee camp through the friendship of these two young girls.”

  • Nikki Grimes, author of several EBYR books and winner of the 2017 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, was interviewed in School Library Journal. Grimes spoke about finding her voice and writing honestly and authentically about struggle, and she also discussed the “golden shovel” form of poetry. Grimes will be publishing a book with EBYR next fall—The Watcher, based on Psalm 121—that features “golden shovel” poetry!
  • School Library Journal included Why Am I Here? in a collection of books that strengthen social emotional learning. SEL refers to skills “such as the ability to identify and process emotions, being aware of oneself and others, controlling impulses, appreciating and embracing different perspectives, demonstrating empathy, building relationships, and making good decisions.”
  • The Right Word was a California Young Reader Medal nominee.
  • Publishers Weekly reviewed Mrs. White Rabbit, concluding that author-illustrator Gilles Bachelet’s “careful, detailed artwork delights” and calling his spread of 100 carrot-themed dishes “a showstopper.”