The Queen of the Frogs

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The Queen of the Frogs
Written David Cali
Illustrated by Marco Somà

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The Golden Key
  • Monica Edinger, a Lewis Carroll / Alice in Wonderland afficionado, reviewed Mrs. White Rabbit on her Educating Alice blog: “This book is wonderful to look at — the illustrations are full of references to the original book [i. e. Alice in Wonderland] as well as full of other wry tweaks playing off the text.”
  • The Golden Key was reviewed in a “Wilson’s Bookmarks” post for Christianity Today. John Wilson writes that the new edition “gorgeously illustrated by Ruth Sanderson, is winsome indeed, and I’m looking forward to reading it with our grandchildren.”
  • Jill Swanson reviewed Why Am I Here? on her Orange Marmalade blog, calling it “a lovely entry point into conversation and compassion for ages 6 and older.”
  • The Blue Jackal was featured in a Kitaab World post about “Reflecting Diversity with Folktales.” The story “pushes us to ask ourselves about the judgments we make and the relationship between perception and reality.”
  • If you’re smitten with The Queen of the Frogs, you’ll love these creations by Liza Rendina: