EBYR All Over: September 1st, 2017

 News from EBYR & Elsewhere

  • 9780802854452
    The Watcher

    The Watcher, one of our forthcoming Fall 2017 titles, earned a starred review from Kirkus: “Wilder Award–winning author Nikki Grimes delivers a compact yet powerful message of hope and encouragement based on Psalm 121. Short poems energized with kindness, despair, hope, regret, and acceptance are delivered using a style she describes in the back of the book as “the golden shovel,” a form she also used in One Last Word (2017).”

  • The Call of the Swamp was reviewed by Publishers Weekly: “a childless couple discovers an infant by the edge of a swamp. Ignoring that the baby “had gills like a fish,” they name him Boris and raise him as their own.”
  • The Children’s Book Council featured several EBYR titles in their August and September  Hot Off the Press segment, including Roger is Going Fishing, The Life and Times of Martin Luther, and The Call of the Swamp.
  • Jen Robinson provided a warm review of When a Wolf is Hungry. She states, “When a Wolf is Hungry is an entertaining take on the thwarting of the big, bad wolf. Here he’s stymied by friendly but presumptuous neighbors, and his own reflexive politeness.”

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