My Wild Cat
Written and Illustrated by Isabelle Simler

A merciless hunter, an unrivaled expert in stealth and deception—a cat is no ordinary pet! Sure, he may look harmless as he snoozes on the sofa, or under the rug, or on top of the radiator. Sure, he may seem sweet as he snuggles a stuffed animal, but don’t let that fool you! When you least expect it, he’ll pounce…

From beloved creator Isabelle Simler comes a sly, hilarious read sure to delight cat lovers of all ages.


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Kirkus Reviews (STARRED review)

“Feline fanciers will be immediately charmed by the unnamed, yellow-eyed black cat who prowls the pages of this French import. . . . With evident affection and sly humor, this paean to a beloved pet perfectly captures this (and thus every) cat’s allure.”

“Truly stunning artwork. . . . For cat lovers, the art alone will delight. . . . The science is bonus, covering several physiological angles and unafraid of presenting higher-level vocab and concepts.”