Teaching children about God’s ways is so important for that reason We have put together a list of 25 Inspiring Christian stories to help you get started writing the Word of God upon their young hearts.


1-  The Life of Jesus

The Life of Jesus illustred bible books for children kids books
“Artist and children’s book newcomer Billingsley provides an introduction to the rosary in an accessible volume. Outlining the basic procedure for praying the rosary, an opening illustration depicts a set of beads labeled to indicate which prayer each represents; the full text of each prayer appears on the facing page. Billingsley offers brief, plainspoken meditations for each of the 20 mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and the recently added Luminous); her Scripture-inspired words appear between the names of the prayers, forming a sort of vertical, visual chain of text on each page. Billingsley’s folk art–style illustrations are two-dimensional renderings of multimedia, still-life structures she has created from found objects (nutcrackers, wooden artists’ figures, and rag dolls make appearances). The artwork alternately recalls altars, shrines, or marionette stages, and focuses on such events as the Nativity, the Marriage at Cana, and the Crucifixion. Billingsley’s text and art create a surprising and enlightening modern juxtaposition to this very traditional practice.” – Publishers Weekly
An Illustrated Rosary Mary Billingsley

Ever since the Middle Ages, countless Christians have prayed the rosary as a way to focus on the story of salvation. This centuries-old text that highlights the joy, sorrow, and glory of the story of Jesus is here given new life through the work of artist Mary Billingsley.

In Mary’s paintings, religious symbols and everyday objects mingle to create scenes from the life of Christ, scenes that offer the viewer a sense of the divine present in earthly form.

Readers of all ages will return to this book again and again, each time discovering within its pages fresh layers of beauty and meaning.

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2- A World of Prayers

A World of Prayers children bible book stories
“This accessible anthology celebrates such common themes of prayer as love and gratitude, and also the diverse ways they are expressed.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

By: Elena Gomez & Jeremy Brooks

A good prayer makes you think, and it may even make you laugh! These prayers have been collected from every corner of the world and though the words may differ from country to country, the same universal themes of love, forgiveness, and hope run through them all. There are prayers for night and day, graces for mealtimes, and blessings too. Beautiful illustrations help to make this a perfect first prayer book for young children.

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3- Does God Know How to Tie Shoes?

Does God Know How to Tie Shoes childrens book kids stories bible
“The questions raised are typical of those posed by young children, and the result is a book that presents the concepts in an understandable, concrete way.” – School Library Journal

By: Nancy White Carlstrom & Lori McElrath-Eslick

Katrina wants to know ore about God: “Mama, what does God wear? Does God like to paint? Does God ever cry, Papa?” Her parents’ responses, based on the Psalms, help Katrina to know God in ways that are very real to her.

Poetic text and bright impressionistic illustrations combine beautifully to make this a gentle and affirming picture book that will encourage a child’s exploration of God. Ideal for reading aloud.

With over 200,000 copies sold, Does God Know How to Tie Shoes? has long been one of our best-selling books. This new board-book format — a slightly abridged version of the original picture book — makes this beloved book accessible to a new, younger audience.

Parent Council, Ltd.Selected as Outstanding (2009)

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4- Animals of the Bible for Young Children

Animals of the Bible for Young Children book bible illustrated books
Marie-Hélène Delval is a French author whohas written several books for young children. She currentlyworks as the literary director for Bayard Editions inParis. Aurélia Fronty is a French artist and illustrator whohas published more than a dozen books. The main source ofinspiration for her art is her travels in Africa, Asia, andSouth America.

By: Aurelia Fronty & Marie-Helene Delval

The Bible’s stories abound with animals, from Jonah’s giant fish and Daniel’s lions to humble sparrows and tiny ants. This colorful book uses simple language to introduce children to the menagerie of animals that populate the pages of the Bible, and shows how even the smallest of creatures bear witness to God’s wisdom and love.

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5- Images of God for Young Children

Images of God for Young Children bible kids books stories
“Delval continues her series of introductory books on Christian themes with this latest exploration, which sets out to explain the concept of God to children in creative, often metaphorical ways. The format offers one aspect or characteristic describing God on each left-hand page, using the structure ‘God is . . . ,’ which is followed by a short explanation set in large type. Many of these characteristics are commonly discussed in Christian settings, such as viewing God as a shepherd, healer, or parent. Other images of God are unusual, presenting God as silence or joy or in our tears. The explanatory text is written in a thoughtful, calm voice with a comforting vision of God in the description of each characteristic. Though God is referred to with traditional terminology as male and as a father figure, the overall impression is a fairly contemporary view of God as kind, loving and all-encompassing. This modern point of view is complemented by Nascimbeni’s bright, imaginative illustrations on the right-hand pages, using children and images from nature painted in a cheery, surrealistically childlike style.” – Kirkus Reviews

By: Barbara Nascimbeni & Marie-Helene Delval

The Bible describes God in many different ways: God is light; God is joy; God is wisdom. God is the beauty that fills the earth and the rock we stand on, the promises we live by and the fire that purifies us. This volume offers a collection of these images, presented in simple language that young readers can easily understand.

This book’s bright artwork and lyrical text, written by the bestselling author of Psalms for Young Children, explores how, even though we cannot see or touch God, we can still discover him in our world.

Catholic Press Association Book AwardsFirst Place, Children’s Books (2012)
BooklistTop Ten Religion Books for Youth (2011)

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6- The Bible for Young Children

The Bible for Young Children bible stories for kids
“This fully illustrated book presents nine narrative selections drawn from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Each double-page spread appears to be self-contained, but actually the stories continue through several spreads with the same title, such as ‘Abraham and His Children,’ ‘Daniel and the Lions,’ and ‘The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus.’ An appended page identifies the Bible verses used in each selection. The book’s design is handsome, and the illustrations, created with heavy black lines and thickly layered acrylic paints, are strong and often striking. Translated from the French and ‘paraphrased for young readers,’ the text on each page is short, usually fewer than 50 words. Though this limits the detail and nuance in each passage, this attractive book may appeal to parents and religious teachers looking for Bible stories to share with young children.” – Booklist

By: Gotting Marie-Helene Delval

The Bible is filled with memorable stories — David and Goliath, Daniel in the lions’ den, Jonah and the big fish, the wise men following the star to Jesus. This selection of stories, retold in simple language for young readers, will introduce children to some of the Bible’s most heroic figures and unforgettable events.

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7- Psalms for Young Children

Psalms for Young Children bible stories childrens books
“It’s worth the price of admission to this enchanting book for young children to have access to the gorgeous illustrations in Psalms for Young Children. They’re quite unusual and original, fitting beautifully with the paraphrased Psalms written so that even the very young can understand them.” – CBA Retailers & Resources

By: Marie-Hélène Delval & Arno

The Psalms describe a whole range of emotions, from joy and wonder to sadness and regret. This collection of Psalms, paraphrased for young readers, uses simple yet powerful imagery to help children express their feelings.

Association of Theological BooksellersTheologos Award for Best Children’s
Book (2008)

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8- At Jerusalem’s Gate

At Jerusalem Gate poems of Easter children books kids bible stories
“Grimes and Frampton have produced an elegant banquet of poems and visuals about the Easter story. . . . Praises and hosannas for this title.” – Christian Library Journal

By: Nikki Grimes & David Frampton

I angle for
a glimpse of him
whose touch unlocks
a blind man’s sight,
a deaf man’s hearing.

A man in the crowd at Jerusalem vies to see Jesus; a disciple recounts details of the Last Supper; Pilate’s wife fears her husband’s decision. Beginning with Christ’s triumphant arrival in Jerusalem, Nikki Grimes explores the first Easter through the voices of those who witnessed it.

The author’s introductions provide a thoughtful framework, and David Frampton’s beautifully intricate and expressive woodcuts illuminate each poem. At Jerusalem’s Gate offers readers of all ages insight into the most important moments in Christian history.

Read a review of the book by our own Rachel Bomberger on EerdWord.

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Society of IllustratorsThe Original Art Annual Exhibition (2005)
BooklistTop Ten Religion Books for Youth (2005)
Cleveland Public LibraryCelebrate with Books (2005)
National Council of Teachers of EnglishAward for Excellence in Poetry for Children to Nikki Grimes (2006)

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9- Come Sunday

Come Sunday illustrated bible stories for childrens and kids
“LaTasha spends Sunday at her neighborhood church, and the short verses and exuberant illustrations convey the joy and satisfaction she finds.” – New York Times Book Review

By: Nikki Grimes & Michael Bryant

Other Editions:HardcoverCome Sunday, Mommy wakes me up with whispers.
LaTasha, honey, she says to me,
Time to shed dawn’s cozy quilt.
Come on, Sweet Pea. Open up those eyes. . .

Softly, quietly begins the day of the week that, for LaTasha, is always full of glorious sounds: the pipe organ, tambourine, and drum; the footfalls of ushers marching down the aisle of the sanctuary; the sweet harmonies of the choir; and the rich vibrato of the preacher’s voice. LaTasha sings along with the congregation, confident that Heaven hears each joyful note.

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, Nikki Grimes’ poems and the lush tapestry of colors in Michael Bryant’s illustrations celebrate a day of worship viewed through the eyes of an exuberant little girl.

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10- When Daddy Prays

When Daddy Prays books for children and kids stories
“Poignant, beautifully expressed poems . . . brimming with love and faith . . . celebrate a father’s devotion as seen through the eyes of his child. Conversational, simple, and deeply moving, they stress the man’s reliance on God in all aspects of his life.” – School Library Journal

By: Nikki Grimes & Tim Ladwig

Other Editions: Hardcover

When Daddy prays
my fear of darkness disappears
and angels tiptoe down the hall.
I hear them through the door and wall . . .when Daddy prays.

In this collection of new poems by Nikki Grimes, a child learns about prayer from his father, whose prayers carry the family through each day — no matter what the circumstances.

Nikki Grimes believes that spirituality and prayer are signs of true strength and power. When Daddy Prays celebrates fathers who help their children see this. Nikki writes, “In my view there is no more powerful image than that of a strong man bowing before God.”

And illustrator Tim Ladwig has created remarkable images, rich with tenderness and touches of affectionate humor, to enhance and complete this exceptional book.

Association of Theological BooksellersTheologos Award for Best Children’s Book (2002)
National Council of Teachers of EnglishAward for Excellence in Poetry for Children to Nikki Grimes (2006)
Children’s Literature Council of Southern CaliforniaDistinguished Body of Work for 2002 Awarded to Nikki Grimes

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11- Jesus

Jesus illustrated childrens books for kids stories
“Would be a cherished home library addition and a wonderful way to encourage children to revisit and remember these timeless stories.” – Christian Library Journal

By: Anselm Grün & Giuliano Ferri

A lovely portrayal of the life of Jesus of Nazareth

This graceful retelling of the life of Jesus takes readers back over two thousand years ago to Nazareth, a young girl named Mary, and a miraculous virgin birth. The story continues through the years as Jesus grows up, learns among the great teachers of his day, calls his disciples, preaches, and performs miracles. The book concludes with Jesus’ last Passover meal, betrayal, crucifixion, and glorious resurrection.

Anselm Grün’s accessible descriptions, along with warm, inviting paintings from Giuliano Ferri, together create a beautiful picture of the life of Jesus.

Booklist, Top Ten Religion and Spirituality Books for Youth (2014)

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12- Mary’s Song

Mary's Song illustrated children books for kids stories
Lee Bennett Hopkins has written numerous children’s and young adult books, including Been to Yesterdays: Poems of a Life (Boyds Mills Press), winner of the Christopher Award, and City I Love (Abrams). Lee is also recipient of the NCTE Excellence in Poetry for Children Award. He lives in Florida. Visit his website: http://www.leebennetthopkins.com. Stephen Alcorn is the illustrator of over twenty books, including The Owl (Kipling Press), Rembrandt’s Beret (William Morrow), and I, Too, Sing America: Three Centuries of African American Poetry (Houghton Mifflin). Stephen live

By: Lee Bennett Hopkins & Stephen Alcorn

On that first Christmas night, the earth bursts with praise at the Savior’s birth. Donkeys bray, sheep bleat, horses neigh, and shepherds come from nearby fields — but Mary simply wants to be alone with her sweet babe.

When quiet finally falls, Mary cradles her son and sings her mother- song, leaving readers dreaming of that silent night so long ago.

Mary’s Song, with its melodic language and rich illustrations, is a lovely reminder of the meaning of Christmas and a welcome pause in the midst of a bustling world.

Read more about this book on EerdWord.

Catholic Press AssociationBook Awards – Children’s Books category, First Place (2013)

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13- I Wanted to Know All About God

I Wanted to Know All about God illustrated children books for kids
“A kindly, all-embracing, nonsectarian view of a deity whose likes include children of different colors, as shown in Jenkin’s lush, sun-dappled paintings of glowing kids enjoying a snowy day, admiring a spider’s web, or wrapped in Grandma’s embrace. An attractive discussion opener.” – Kirkus Reviews

By: Virginia Kroll & Debra Reid Jenkins

Other Editions:

I wanted to know all about God,
So I went looking for him in signs of His creation . . .

In simple, poetic language this engaging book explores the kinds of questions children ask about God: What does God do in the morning? Where is God at night? What colors does God like? What does God’s love feel like? The warm, colorful illustrations depict children of diverse cultural backgrounds wondering about God and experiencing God in their daily lives.

Elementary School Library CollectionSelected (2010)

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14- The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord's Prayer illustrated childrens books and bible stories for kids
“Applying pastels and acrylic glazes to watercolors, Ladwig uses the prayer to illustrate the story of a little girl who joins her father in repairing an elderly neighbor’s house. The illustrator of such similarly themed books as Psalm Twenty-Three and Morning Has Broken, Ladwig excels in the little details that both echo and confirm his book’s message. . . . Ladwig proves that a deftly executed illustration drives a point home as effectively as words — even when the words are as eloquent as those in the Lord’s Prayer.” – Washington Post Book World

By: Tim Ladwig

Other Editions: Hardcover

Our Father in Heaven,
Hallowed by your name. . .

The beloved words of The Lord’s Prayer serve as the text for this remarkable book, in which Tim Ladwig illustrates how the words of this ancient prayer can have real meaning in our lives today.

In Tim’s paintings, a young girl and her father spend a day together helping an elderly neighbor. The love and guidance the child experiences in her relationship with her dad reflect the heart and will of our Heavenly Father in concrete ways children of all ages will understand.

BooklistTop Ten Religion Books for Youth (2001)

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15- Paul Writes (a Letter)

Paul Writes (a Letter) children bible stories christian books for kids
— Publishers Weekly (STARRED review) “With depth, [Raschka] teases out the most important parts of the apostle’s teachings. . . . Both those intimidated by and those appreciative of formal biblical prose will find Raschka’s version moving, real, and full of humanity.” — Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)
By: Chris Raschka

A charming introduction to Saint Paul and his epistles

Caldecott Medal-winner Chris Raschka breathes new life into the letters of Paul the Apostle with this inviting book. Each sumptuous page distills the main themes of Paul’s epistles into approachable, appealing language. Chris Raschka expertly depicts Paul’s sincerity and compassion, sadness and pain, giving readers a true sense of who Paul really was. 

Paul Writes (a Letter) celebrates how one of the most beloved biblical figures changed the world through the written word.

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16- The Nativity from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke

The Nativity Christmas children bible stories for Kids books
This vividly illustrated picture book retells the story of the birth of Jesus. Children will love hearing the story and seeing the pictures will help bring this story to life for them. A must-have for any library!

By: Ruth Sanderson 

For centuries, the Gospels have brought to audiences of all ages the story of the birth of Christ, from the breathtaking appearance of the angel Gabriel to the arduous journey of the three wise men, from Herod’s chilling decree to the return of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus to Nazareth. The text of this book, drawn from the books of Matthew and Luke, becomes all the more vivid when paired with the luminous and detailed illustrations of talented artist Ruth Sanderson. Elaborate borders combine the traditional elements of an illuminated manuscript with a contemporary palette to make this spectacular volume a book to be treasured and shared with family and friends.

Purchase The Nativity at Amazon, Christianbook.com, or your local  bookstore.

17- Prayer for Young Children

Prayers for Young Children christian stories and childrens books
Martina Steinkühler is a professor of religious pedagogy at the Protestant College in Berlin. She is also a freelance writer and lecturer, and she often speaks at seminars on Bible study and religious education. She lives with her family in Germany. Barbara Nascimbeni has illustrated many books for children including Small Brown Dog’s Bad Remembering Day, Rude Mule, and What If? (all Macmillan). Barbara lives in Hamburg, Germany. Visit her website at http://www.barbaranascimbeni.com”

By: Barbara Nascimbeni & Martina Steinkuehler

A collection of prayers for every occasion

It’s easy to reach out to God when you want something, but what about when you’re happy, lonely, or afraid—what do you say then? This thoughtful collection of prayers offers children ways of approaching God in a variety of circumstances. The prayers, each rooted in a Bible story, describe different situations that readers will easily relate to, from life-changing events like mov-ing to a new city to everyday occurrences like winning a game or not being able to sleep.

With bold, inviting illustrations, this book will inspire readers to connect with God in new ways.

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18- God’s Quiet Thing

God's Quiet Thing illustrated childrens books for kids stories
“This title raises children’s consciousness to the quiet marvels found in nature. . . . Steven’s misty-eyed illustration style evokes a rural America of yore and a time when children perhaps connected more easily with nature — whose subtle beauty is the real topic of this book.” – Booklist

By: Nancy Sweetland & Rick Stevens

Shhh. Listen. Can you hear a sound from worms that wiggle underground? Do you hear the darkness fall? The morning dew that comes to call? Look and listen high and low. God’s quiet things are yours to know.

Nancy Sweetland’s delightful lyrics show children the marvelous things in nature that they can discover by looking and listening, and Rick Stevens’s soft pastel illustrations reveal that God’s quiet things are always there just waiting to be discovered.

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19- The Child’s Story Bible

The Child's Story Bible illustrated books for children
“I have used The Child’s Story Bible for years . . . and can recommend it enthusiastically.” – Ruth Bell Graham

By: Catherine F. Vos

Hundreds of thousands of children throughout the world have been introduced to the riches of the Bible through this classic Bible storybook. First published seventy years ago, the much-loved Child’s Story Bible continues to instruct and delight today’s children and parents.

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20- Thank You, God

Thank You, God illustrated books for childrens bible stories for kids
“Thank You, God has a peaceful rhythm and a timeless truth. . . . [It] would make a memorable gift for a young child, likely to be shared by the whole family and revisited often.” – Christian Library Journal
By: J. Bradley Wigger Jago

A heartwarming reminder of life’s blessings

This bright, lyrical book offers readers of all ages and backgrounds the perfect chance to reflect on all the things that they have to be grateful for. Thank You, God is a celebration of family and friends, of homes and food to share, and of the wonder of creation from the first light of day to the calm, peaceful night.

This inspiring book, with its elegant yet accessible text and vibrant illustrations, is sure to have a powerful impact on readers as it encourages them to view the world around them with fresh eyes.

Read more from the author of this book on Eerdlings.

Spirituality & Practice 10 Best Spiritual Children’s Books of 2014
Booklist Top Ten Religion & Spirituality Books for Youth: 2015

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21- The Easter Story

The Easter Story children kids books illustrated
“The text is involving and child-friendly. Yet it is Wildsmith’s sumptuous paintings that steal the show. Combining a bright palette with generous gold accents, the art is warm and reverent — almost radiantly joyful.” – Publishers Weekly

By: Brian Wildsmith

Once, a long time ago, a little donkey was brought to Jesus. The little donkey had never been ridden before, but Jesus spoke gently to him, and soon he stopped being afraid. Jesus climbed onto the donkey’s back, and they set off for Jerusalem. . .

In clear, reverent language and shining gold- toned paintings, award-winning author/illustrator Brian Wildsmith creates this companion book to his earlier A Christmas Story. With an enchantingly simple perspective that will engage even the very youngest child, Wildsmith offers a splendid new version of the greatest story ever told.

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22- Exodus

Exodus childrens illustrated bible stories
“The writing is straightforward and simple; the story is brief but accurate. The artwork is a visual feast. . . Filled with meticulous and decorative detail, glowing with rich colors, and arranged to maximize dramatic impact, the paintings show the awesome events with excitement and beauty.” – School Library Journal

By: Brian Wildsmith

This is the story of how one man led his people out of slavery to a land that God had promised to give them. His name was Moses.

With vivid, richly detailed illustrations, Brian Wildsmith captures all the major events of one of the greatest stories in the Bible. The story of the Exodus and the rescue of the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt is a powerful and exciting tale which attests that God’s guiding hand is always evident.

In Wildsmith’s hands, this familiar journey comes alive against stunning backdrops–from the great palaces of ancient Egypt, to the vast expanses of Sinai’s mountains and wilderness, to the peaceful place God’s people can finally call home.

Children’s LiteratureChoice List (2000)
Book SenseEaster/Passover Top Ten Picks List (2005)
BooklistTop Ten Religion Books for Youth
Children’s Book CouncilNotable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People
National Jewish Book AwardsFinalist
Parent Council, Ltd.Selected as Outstanding
Parent’s Guide to Children’s MediaAward
Children’s Crown Award Reading ProgramsChildren’s Crown Gallery Award Nominee List, 2001-2002

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23- Hail Mary

Hail Mary illustrated bible stories for kids
“Illuminates one of the best-known prayers from the Catholic tradition via joyful and welcoming mixed-media illustrations and some encouraging annotations.” – Publishers Weekly

By:  Sabrina Bus & Xavier Deneux

With clear, simple language and sweet illustrations, this board book explains the meaning of one of the best-loved Christian prayers, the Hail Mary. Brief explanatory text relates the words of the prayer to young children’s everyday lives and teaches them how to talk to Mary like a mother.

Rounded corners, padded covers, and sturdy board book pages ensure that youngsters can enjoy this book over and over.

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24- The Watcher

The Watcher illustrated bible stories for kids
“One of the most successful recent expansions of a biblical story for children. . . . Text and illustration combine in a way that sparks and sustains imaginative engagement.”— Christian Century

By: Bryan Collier & Nikki Grimes

A poetic story inspired by Psalm 121

Jordan lives in fear of Tanya, the class bully. But Tanya has worries of her own, no matter how much she tries to ignore them. It seems impossible that Jordan and Tanya could be anything other than enemies, but the Lord is watching over them, guiding each of them along a path that might just help them to understand one another.

Nikki Grimes takes the words of a Psalm 121 and masterfully transforms them into a golden shovel poem of compassion, friendship, and faith. Coupled with powerful artwork from Bryan Collier, this heartfelt story is one that readers will treasure.

2018 World Magazine: Picture Book of the Year
NCTE Notable Poetry Books 2018

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25- Psalm Twenty-Three

Psalm Twenty-Three illustrated books for children
“Tim Ladwig’s colorful, thought-provoking illustrations evoke new contemporary images and show Psalm 23 as fresh and relevant in today’s world. This book brings a powerful message of hope, faith, and comfort into a new setting.” – Christian Library Journal

By: Tim Ladwig

Through poignant, heart-warming images of an urban African-American family, children experience the comfort and encouragement this favorite psalm still offers–the powerful message that they can rely on the Lord as they thread their way through the risk-filled maze of daily life in the city.

American Booksellers AssociationAmerican Bookseller “Pick of the Lists”
BooklistTop Ten Religion Books for Youth
Parent’s Guide to Children’s MediaAward
Parent Council, Ltd.Selected as Outstanding

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