If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re looking for some great new books in your life. Well let me tell you that you are in the right place and in the right time.
Here are three great picture books to read to your kids.


1- Before You Were Born

Before You Were Born illustrated childrens books for kids picture book
This lyrical celebration of every child’s life takes its inspiration from Psalm 139.

Written by Nancy White Carlstrom
Illustrated by Linda Saport

BOARD BOOK; Coming Soon: 10/8/2019

Before you were born
God wrote your days in a book,
and when you arrived
we wrapped you in white
and introduced you to the dawn.

What child isn’t curious about those first days of life? In Before You Were Born, Nancy White Carlstrom expertly portrays the sense of wonder new parents feel and reveals the many ways a family grows and changes when a child arrives. Inspired by Psalm 139, this lyrical book celebrates the mystery of how each child is a unique and important part of God’s plan.

With warm, joyful illustrations, Before You Were Born tenderly conveys the excitement and love with which parents welcome children into their lives.

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2- Driftwood Days

Driftwood Days illustrated childrens books for kids picture book
“The hazy texture and precise detail of Vess’s colored pencil and ink illustrations, which utilize panels to underline the bough’s movements, pair beautifully with Minever’s dreamy, poetic prose.” – Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)

Written by William Miniver
Illustrated by Charles Vess

HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 10/22/2019

Under autumn leaves, a boy watches a beaver build a dam. One of the branches slips away, carried downstream by the river. Through the changing seasons, the branch makes a long, epic journey to the sea, before finally getting tossed back onto shore. Changed by the elements, the branch—now driftwood—lies patiently on the beach, until the boy discovers it once again.

Featuring breathtaking artwork by Charles Vess, Driftwood Days offers readers a beautiful, multilayered story about nature, science, childhood, and change.

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3- Panthera Tigris

Written by Sylvain Alzial
Illustrated by Hélène Rajcak

Panthera Tigris childrens picture books for kids illustrated book
With deadpan humor and illustrations that perfectly complement the story, Panthera Tigris will delight nature lovers and budding scientists.

HARDCOVER; Coming Soon: 10/29/2019

While reading an encyclopedia, a highly educated scientist realizes that he doesn’t know anything about tigers! He begins studying them until he can rattle off every tiger fact imaginable, including their habitat (jungles and marshy areas), their average weight (300-500 pounds), and their scientific name (Panthera tigris). But when he hires a guide to take him to see a tiger in person, the scientist discovers that he might not quite know everything.

With deadpan humor and illustrations that perfectly complement the story, Panthera Tigris will delight nature lovers and budding scientists.

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