Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Everyone, including the adults, gets excited to decorate the Christmas tree, buy presents, and decorate each corner of the house with twinkling lights, garlands, and bows. One of our favorite activities of the holiday season is  reading Christmas books to my kids in front of the fireplace, with hot chocolate and Christmas music playing in the background.

We put together a list of six Christmas books for kids to celebrate this special holiday with your kids.


ISBN: 978-0-8028-5537-4
Price: $17.99
32 Pages
Trim Size, in inches: 10.125 x 7.5

When Wolf, Weasel, and Fox steal a turkey for their Christmas feast, no one expects the meal to have her own ideas about the celebration. Don’t they want to fatten her up first? Haven’t they even hung up mistletoe or baked gingerbread? But the more time the three friends spend with Turkey, the less anyone wants the fun to end…

Perfect for holiday story times, this festive book will provide plenty of laughs with its witty narration, amusing characters, and playful illustrations.

The Christmas Feast Kids book for children


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JesusJESUS eater story Anselm Grun

Written by Anselm Grün
Illustrated by Giuliano Ferri

A lovely portrayal of the life of Jesus of Nazareth

This graceful retelling of the life of Jesus takes readers back over two thousand years ago to Nazareth, a young girl named Mary, and a miraculous virgin birth. The story continues through the years as Jesus grows up, learns among the great teachers of his day, calls his disciples, preaches, and performs miracles. The book concludes with Jesus’ last Passover meal, betrayal, crucifixion, and glorious resurrection.

Anselm Grün’s accessible descriptions, along with warm, inviting paintings from Giuliano Ferri, together create a beautiful picture of the life of Jesus.

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jesus childrens book christmas stories


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Mary’s Song kids bookMary’s Song

Lee Bennett Hopkins
Stephen Alcorn

On that first Christmas night, the earth bursts with praise at the Savior’s birth. Donkeys bray, sheep bleat, horses neigh, and shepherds come from nearby fields — but Mary simply wants to be alone with her sweet babe.

When quiet finally falls, Mary cradles her son and sings her mother- song, leaving readers dreaming of that silent night so long ago.

Mary’s Song, with its melodic language and rich illustrations, is a lovely reminder of the meaning of Christmas and a welcome pause in the midst of a bustling world.


Marys song


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Legend of Saint Nicholas

The Legend of Saint Nicholas

Anselm Grün
Giuliano Ferri

A beautiful retelling of the life of Saint Nicholas

Many stories are told about Saint Nicholas — stories about his generosity and his miracles, stories about the concern he showed for those in poverty. This warm, inviting books tells many of these stories, both familiar and lesser- known. It recounts how he ended a famine by multiplying grain from a merchant ship and how he walked on water to rescue sailors from a terrible storm. And, of course, it tells the story of how Nicholas gave his inheritance to prevent a desperate man from selling his daughters into slavery.

Anselm Grün’s simple, graceful text and Giuliano Ferri’s beautiful paintings combine to provide the perfect way to introduce young readers to the rich life of this beloved saint.


The Legend of Saint Nicholas Anselm Grün


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Brigid’s Cloak

Bryce Milligan
Helen Cann


Brigid’s Cloak retells an ancient tale about one of Ireland’s most beloved saints. On the day she is born Brigid receives a brilliant blue cloak from a mysterious Druid. Years later, the young girl still wears the now tattered but beloved cloak while she tends her sheep. Is it her imagination that suddenly takes her to an unfamiliar land? Or is it something far greater that leads Brigid to a crowded inn in a town called Bethlehem?

Bryce Milligan’s eloquently told story about Brigid is a moving tale of compassion and wonder. Beautifully illustrated by Helen Cann, Brigid’s Cloak sparkles with the timelessness of legend and the transcending power of faith.

Brigid's Cloak Bryce Milligan


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Manger children's book poemsManger

Edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins
Illustrated by Helen Cann


There is a legend that describes how, at midnight on Christmas Eve, all creatures are granted the power of speech for one hour. In this rich collection, Lee Bennett Hopkins and a dozen other poets imagine what responses they might offer. The poems represent a diverse group of animals, but all come together with one singular purpose: celebrating the joy of the miraculous event.

This collection of graceful poems provides readers with a Nativity story unlike any other — at times gently humorous, at times profound, but always inviting readers to appreciate the wonder of Christmas. This book is a perfect gift for the holiday season.

Includes poems by…

  • Lee Bennett Hopkins
  • Joan Bransfield Graham
  • Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
  • X. J. Kennedy
  • Jude Mandell
  • Marilyn Nelson
  • Jane Yolen
  • Ann Whitford Paul
  • Prince Redcloud
  • Rebecca Kai Dotlich
  • Michele Krueger
  • Alma Flor Ada
  • Alice Schertle

Manger Edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins


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