I Can Help is a gentle, sensitive portrayal of reaching out, facing peer pressure, and learning from past mistakes. With thoughtful storytelling and poignant illustrations, this book will open discussions about choosing kindness in the classroom and beyond. This outstanding children’s book is coming out on August 10th! We couldn’t wait to share a few interior pages of the stunning artwork by Mikela Prevost for you to enjoy.

Written by Reem Faruqi
Illustrated by Mikela Prevost
Ages 4-8

HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-0-8028-5504-6

Price: $ 17.99

44 Pages

Trim Size, in inches: 8.5 x 11

When Ms. Underwood asks if anyone wants to help Kyle, Zahra always volunteers. She loves spending time with Kyle—he’s creative and generous, and he makes the funniest jokes at lunch. But when Zahra’s other classmates start teasing her for helping him, she starts making choices she regrets. 

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Just when the leaves are thinking of changing colors to look like the spices Nana cooks with, school starts.
There are 18 kids in my class. One of them is Kyle.

Kyle is great at drawing.
He always has his sketchbook open.
Kyle is great at drumming.
He always taps, taps, taps music during the breaks.
But Kyle is not great at reading.
He has trouble sounding out words.
Kyle isn’t great at handwriting
or cutting or gluing either.
He needs someone to help him.

So every day, Ms. Underwood asks,
“Who will be Kyle’s helper today?”
I always raise my hand. “I can help!”

Because Kyle is generous. He always shares
his favorite chocolate chip cookies at lunch.
Because Kyle is funny. He is good at telling jokes.
Because Kyle is kind. He always smiles at me.


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