There’s nothing like getting lost in a good book and these stories will keep children entertained. Happy reading!


An Immigration Story
Written by Karen Lynn Williams
Illustrated by Sara Palacios

Ages 5-9

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“Crucial in its timeliness.” Kirkus Reviews

“Heartfelt and sympathetic.” Publishers Weekly

“Williams and Palacios lay bare the internal and external conflicts faced by this immigrant family, prompting critical readers to ask questions about the system that puts people into circumstances like these.” Booklist


A Refugee Story from the Spanish Civil

WarWritten by María José Ferrada
Illustrated by Ana Penyas

Ages 7-10

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“A sobering contribution to the history of Spanish-speaking people in North America, and a memorial to a little-known group of refugees.”
Publishers Weekly

“Although the specifics of the story are clearly historical, there is a universality to them that connects these pages ot the tale of every child sent away from home for safety during times of war.” The Horn Book Magazine


Poems for the Lost Children of Chile

Written by María José Ferrada
Illustrated by María Elena Valdez
Translated by Lawrence Schimel

Ages 7 and up

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“A book to be read and remembered: a tribute to children whose lives were lost to forces not of their own creation.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Dedicated to ‘the memory that helps us defeat monsters,’ the childhoods that Ferrada imagines for these young victims of violence—childhoods in which nothing bad happens, and there’s enough time for each to do whatever they like—feel both poignant and haunting.”
Publishers Weekly

“A heartfelt volume emphasizing innocence in the face of continuing political violence, this #OwnVoices work is a must-purchase for poetry collections serving young patrons.”
School Library Journal (starred)


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