National Cat Day was founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige back in October 29, 2005 to help cats that need to be rescued each year and also to encourage cat lovers to celebrate these loving creatures.
To celebrate these special friends, we put together a list of beautifully illustrated books for children.

Panthera Tigris childrens books

Panthera Tigris

Written by Sylvain Alzial
Illustrated by Hélène Rajcak
Ages 5-9

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A highly educated scientist realizes that he doesn’t know anything about tigers! He begins studying them until he can rattle off every tiger fact imaginable, including their habitat (jungles and marshy areas), their average weight (300-500 pounds), and their scientific name (Panthera tigris). But when he hires a guide to take him to see a tiger in person, the scientist discovers that he might not quite know everything.

“Alzial’s text, translated from the French, is long and dense, peppered with complex scientific vocabulary. Rajcak’s fine-lined, black-and-white drawings, splashed with oranges, browns, and greens, are similarly sophisticated.” —Kirkus Reviews

My Wild Cat Children's book

My Wild Cat

Written and Illustrated by Isabelle Simler
Ages 5-9

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A cat is no ordinary pet! Sure, he may look harmless as he snoozes on the sofa, or under the rug, or on top of the radiator. Sure, he may seem sweet as he snuggles a stuffed animal, but don’t let that fool you! When you least expect it, he’ll pounce…

“Feline fanciers will be immediately charmed by the unnamed, yellow-eyed black cat who prowls the pages of this French import. . . . With evident affection and sly humor, this paean to a beloved pet perfectly captures this (and thus every) cat’s allure.” —Kirkus Reviews (Starred)

A Good Day Children’s illustrated picture book about friendship kids illustrated book.jpg

A Good Day

Written by Daniel Nesquens
Illustrated by Miren Asiain Lora
Ages 4-8

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Animal lovers of all ages will fall in love with this fanciful story about friendship and freedom.

A Good Day illustrated picture book for children book

“This special book is filled with humor and heart—a winning combination—that is sure to prompt discussion.” —School Library Journal


The Secret Cat

Katarina Strömgård
Ages 4 to 8

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An imaginative book for anyone who’s ever wanted a pet

“Swedish artist Strömgård illustrates her tale with intricately drafted pen-and-ink figures. . . . Her visions are beautifully developed, portraying the narrator and the other pet owners as distinct and engaging individuals. And a dramatic confrontation and a nick-of-time rescue conjure just enough excitement for bedtime.” —Publishers Weekly



Giovanna Zoboli
Simona Mulazzani
Ages 5 to 9

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A globetrotting story that’s the cat’s pajamas. With its rich, lovely artwork, this fanciful story will be an instant favorite for cat lovers.

“Mulazzani’s luscious paintings place gray Felix in dreamlike yet friendly global scenarios. Zoboli’s text in Watkinson’s translation is just as plush and whimsical. . . . An agreeable world tour.” —Kirkus Reviews


Klimt and his Cat

Berenice Capatti
Octavia Monaco
Ages 8-12

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Enchanting illustrations, suggestive of Gustav Klimt’s own style and enlivened by the lovable and curious Katze, make Klimt and His Cat a book for readers of all ages. This book not only teaches about the artwork of the Secessionist artist, but also suggests the importance of hard work, dedication, and being true to oneself.

“This quirky distillation of Klimt’s essence is particularly notable for its luminous, gold-leafed multimedia paintings that effectively evoke the Viennese Secessionist painter’s individualistic style. . . . Monaco’s illustrations are so unique that libraries with strong artistic picture-book collections won’t want to pass this by.” —Kirkus Reviews