National Redhead Day, celebrated on November 5, and it is an opportunity for every redhead to show off every beautiful strand of his or her hair. Because redheads have one of the most uncommon hair hues, they are often called “the odd man out.”

Brigid’s Cloak

Bryce Milligan
Helen Cann
Ages 5-9
Full-color Illustrations Throughout


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Brigid’s Cloak retells an ancient tale about one of Ireland’s most beloved saints. On the day she is born Brigid receives a brilliant blue cloak from a mysterious Druid. Years later, the young girl still wears the now tattered but beloved cloak while she tends her sheep. Is it her imagination that suddenly takes her to an unfamiliar land? Or is it something far greater that leads Brigid to a crowded inn in a town called Bethlehem?

Bryce Milligan’s eloquently told story about Brigid is a moving tale of compassion and wonder. Beautifully illustrated by Helen Cann, Brigid’s Cloak sparkles with the timelessness of legend and the transcending power of faith.

“Attractively designed, full-page watercolor and mixed-media illustrations, framed with geometric patterned borders, enhance this timeless story.” — School Library Journal

Prayers for Young Children

Barbara Nascimbeni
Martina Steinkuehler
Ages 5 to 9

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A collection of prayers for every occasion

It’s easy to reach out to God when you want something, but what about when you’re happy, lonely, or afraid—what do you say then? This thoughtful collection of prayers offers children ways of approaching God in a variety of circumstances. The prayers, each rooted in a Bible story, describe different situations that readers will easily relate to, from life-changing events like mov-ing to a new city to everyday occurrences like winning a game or not being able to sleep.

With bold, inviting illustrations, this book will inspire readers to connect with God in new ways. 

Why is red hair so special?

The gene mutation that produces red hair is located on the same gene associated with pain receptors. The fact that some redheads have red hair is not the only characteristic that distinguishes them. Both traits result from recessive genes, which prefer to appear in pairs when they are expressed.

Make Read Head People Proud to have Red Hair.

According to Health Magazine, redheads can produce their vitamin D when subjected to modest amounts of sunlight. The gene that causes red hair also produces a hormone comparable to endorphins, which helps reduce the perception of pain in the body. This implies that redheads use fewer analgesics to treat their illnesses.


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