From stars to medicine to submarines & more, our science and technology books help Children understand the magical world we live in.

Attack of the Turtle

Attack of the Turtle ARC D.indd

David A. Johnson
Drew Carlson
Ages 9-14
Black-and-white line illustrations
Lexile: 640LPAPERBACK; Published: 2/2/2008ISBN: 978-0-8028-5338-7Price: $ 9.00157 PagesTrim Size, in inches: 5.5 x 8.25

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Based on actual historical events, this adventure story captures the drama of the first submarine used in naval warfare and the struggles of a teenager overcoming self-doubt.

Joe Lawlor
Ages 10—14
ISBN: 978-0-8028-5413-1

Click here to order this book is a story about this brilliant seventh grader student called called Jun Li, who felt more comfortable around computers than being around people. But his world turns upside down when the principal accuses him of a cyberbullying incident. To prove his innocence, Jun has seven days to track down the true culprit.

[B] is full of suspense with a surprise ending skillfully written to keep readers hanging on every word.” — New York Journal of Books

Father’s Road

Ji-yun Jang
Tan Jun

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This book in the new Trade Winds series presents historical information about the most well-known trade route in a fun, accessible way.

“A story well suited to bringing this specific time in history to life that will enhance school collections.”
School Library Journal

Leather Shoe Charlie

Anna & Elena Balbusso
Gyeong-hwa Kim
Ages 6-10

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This fascinating Trade Winds book presents readers with an engrossing story while also teaching them about Britain’s Industrial Revolution.

“A valuable avenue to humanize and spark discussion about the astonishing changes in the way people lived and worked at the turn of the 19th century.” School Library Journal

The Soul of an Astronomer

Beatrice Gormley
Ages 10 & up
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In the mid-1800s, a turbulent time when women were often thought to be unworthy of higher education, Maria Mitchell rose above the prejudices of the day to become America’s first professional woman astronomer. This exciting biography tells the story of Maria Mitchell’s life, her amazing achievements, and her faith that saw God’s handiwork in the heavens.

“One of those important pieces of history that somehow never made it into textbooks: the story of Maria Mitchell, a self-taught astronomer who discovered Comet Mitchell, served as an inspiring teacher, and was the first woman inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.” Kirkus Reviews

Panthera Tigris

Written by Sylvain Alzial
Illustrated by Hélène Rajcak
Ages 5-9

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A highly educated scientist realizes that he doesn’t know anything about tigers! He begins studying them until he can rattle off every tiger fact imaginable, including their habitat (jungles and marshy areas), their average weight (300-500 pounds), and their scientific name (Panthera tigris). But when he hires a guide to take him to see a tiger in person, the scientist discovers that he might not quite know everything.

“Alzial’s text, translated from the French, is long and dense, peppered with complex scientific vocabulary. Rajcak’s fine-lined, black-and-white drawings, splashed with oranges, browns, and greens, are similarly sophisticated.” — Kirkus Reviews

Samira and the Skeletons

Camilla Kuhn

Camilla Kuhn’s playful book depicts the hilarious results of an imagination gone awry.

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“This Norwegian import is icky and unsettling even while being a guffaw-inducing exploration of the human body, complete with comically exaggerated anatomical drawings of what lurks beneath our skin. Beyond the guaranteed giggles, Kuhn adds a subtle teaching moment: by presenting Samira with dark skin and her best friend with lighter skin, and then showing both of their skeletons (and later, somewhat horrifyingly, muscles), Kuhn highlights how much we are the same underneath.” — Booklist (starred review)