A Perfect Spot

Written & Illustrated by Isabelle Simler
Translated by Vineet Lal

A ladybug needs a safe place to lay her eggs, but where can she find an open spot? Katydids flutter in the leaves, stick insects hide in the branches, and thorn bugs pop out from every available stem. Even those bright pink flowers are orchid mantises ready to strike! Will any of these creatures be the right neighbors for the ladybug’s eggs? 

Illustrated with lush, vibrant details, A Perfect Spot is a fascinating introduction to the diverse world of arthropods. Acclaimed creator Isabelle Simler presents a bug’s eye view of camouflage, metamorphosis, and other natural wonders.

In the big, wide world, so lush and green,
a tiny, seven-spotted bug speeds on her way.

She wisely retreats to a rosebush, where all is peaceful and calm.

. . . beneath a tall oak, clasping tight to its trunk, so powerful and strong.

A sturdy and steadfast friend, which could be her ideal home . . .