No one plays soccer like Madani. When the ball lands on his bare feet, the whole town stops to watch. Even Madani’s mother—still sewing the day’s work at home—can hear the crowds cheer when he scores. His teammates wonder what their best player could do, if he only had a proper pair of cleats. As Madani saves up money, bit by bit, his team’s rivalry match approaches. Maybe he’ll have new cleats in time for the big day! Or maybe Madani has a different goal in mind…

Every Saturday, when the ball lands between his bare feet,
every passerby freezes. And not just them— the whole world does!Waiters remain motionless with their trays held above their heads. Old friends stop arguing. The pigeons don’t fly.
Even traffic comes to a standstill!

The sound crosses through doorways, rushes past the magazine stand, slips down alleyways,
swirls around the fountain,
and, growing fainter and fainter, climbs the steps
up to Madani’s house.

The park bursts into cheers. Madani is also proud of his goal. He looks up at the stands, and there is his mother!
He raises his arms and runs toward her, as if this were the first goal he’s ever made in his life.
“This goal is for you, Mom!”
“Thank you, my son! For the goal, for the sewing machine . . . and for everything else! Now, go play. There’s still plenty
of game left.”

Madani’s Best Game

Written by Fran Pintadera
Illustrated by Raquel Catalina
Translated by Lawrence Schimel

Releases: 10/11/2022

A heartfelt book featuring a neighborhood soccer team and its determined young star, who has a secret plan even more impressive than his bicycle kicks.

Told with gentle humor and lively illustrations, Madani’s Best Game is a refreshing story about the joys of sports, teamwork, and family.