One day a mysterious box arrives in the woods. Bear, Fox, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Owl can all see that something—someone—is hiding inside. But why won’t that someone come out? Maybe the stranger is scared or having a horrible day. Maybe they’ve been hurt in the past and don’t know who to trust anymore. Who is the creature inside the box? How can the animals reassure them and introduce them to their amazing new home?

What was that box doing
there in the middle of the forest?
It was a mystery. One morning,
the animals woke up and . . .
There was a strange box
with two holes in the side!
Big enough for someone or something to fit inside. Big enough to hide in.

“Hmm . . . a box with eyes?” “How did it get here?”
“When did it arrive?”
“Who could have brought it?” the curious animals wondered.
“Hey, I think there’s someone inside . . . ”

The box started to shake. Everyone jumped.
Yes, there really was someone in there!

“Welcome to the forest!” the animals shouted,
so that whoever was inside the box could hear them.
But the box was silent and did not move.
“Come on! Come on out!”
“It’s springtime. The sun’s shining and making us
nice and warm. There’s no need for you to stay
hidden away in the dark.”

The Box

Written by Isabella Paglia
Illustrated by Paolo Prioetti
Translated by Laura Watkinson

Releases: 10/4/2022

A sensitive book about reaching out to a new friend,
perfect for fostering social-emotional learning.

Told through playful, pastel-colored illustrations, The Box is a gentle story about meeting others where they are. Kindness, patience, and a little creativity can help us find the most wonderful friends.