“The family is the first essential cell of human society.”

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.”

“It often happens that I wake up at night and begin to think about a serious problem and decide I must tell the Pope about it. Then I wake up completely and remember that I am the Pope.”

“Authority is mainly a moral power; therefore, it must first call upon the conscience, that is, upon the duty that each person has to contribute willingly to the common good.”

“The true and solid peace of nations consists not in equality of arms, but in mutual trust alone.”

“In this world of ours, every believer must be a spark of light, a center of love, a vivifying ferment for the mass; and it will be that all the more as, in the depths of his being, he lives in communion with God.”

“A peaceful man does more good than a learned one.”

Just for Today

Saint John XXIII
Bimba Landmann

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All ages

HARDCOVER; Published: 3/1/2015

ISBN: 978-0-8028-5461-2

An elegant depiction of an inspirational text

Known fondly as “The Good Pope,” John XXIII was recently canonized as a saint, and his daily Decalogue continues to be a source of inspiration and comfort for people the world over. In this lovely picture book, graceful illustrations connect the text to everyday life, showing how the statements apply to school, family, and friendships.

The pairing of Saint John XXIII’s cherished words and Bimba Landmann’s symbolic artwork instills readers of all ages with a sense of peace while they savor each page. This charming book provides the perfect reminder of how to make the most of every day.

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