This amazing young woman lived her life with passion and love for her native land, Hawaii.

  • She was named after Queen Victoria
  • She was the first ‘hapa haole’ (half western/white) heir to the Hawaiian throne
Kaʻiulani on the Isle of Jersey, c. 1896–1897
  • In 1886, she turned on the switch that brought the electric light to Honolulu for the first time. 
  • Her father was friends with Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island
  • She was once offered as a bride to Prince Akihito of Japan
Kaiulani in San Francisco, 1897, photograph by I. W. Taber (PP-96-8-013)
  • She fought for Hawaiian independence
  • She was an accomplished athlete, musician and artist.
  • She loved peacocks

Princess Ka'iulani children's book

Hope of a Nation, Heart of a People
Sharon Linnea
Ages 10 & up
97 black-and-white photographs
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ISBN: 978-0-8028-5088-1

On March 1, 1893, Princess Ka’iulani, the seventeen-year-old crown princess of Hawaii, stepped onto the pier at New York City. She was greeted by a crowd of reporters and onlookers who knew that, in many ways, she stood at a crossroads in history. Fully aware of the significance of her visit, she prayed that she could help persuade the American government to return her beautiful islands to the Hawaiian people.

This biography tells the fascinating–and little-known–story of Princess Ka’iulani’s life and courageous fight for Hawaiian independence. Using many newly translated journals and letters, Sharon Linnéa introduces young readers to the most beloved figure in Hawaiian history, and one of America’s most overlooked Christian heroines.

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